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For over 30 years, the Pueblo Film Group has been active in the international Independent Film Industry.

While offering a broad range of administration and consultancy services to business professionals around the world, the Pueblo Film Group is also involved in the international trading of film rights. This includes acquisition, licensing, and global rights exploitation of either individual motion pictures or of film packages for theatrical and video release, free and pay TV broadcasting, and the internet distribution. Pueblo Film also coordinates and administrates co-production projects for independent film producers.


The first Pueblo unit was established in the early 1980’s in Zurich, Switzerland by Founder Bruno Hoefler, who has continuously expanded the company’s client base. Diversification and expansion of Pueblo Film’s range of specialized and customized services from within Switzerland’s reliable business infrastructure attracted a growing number of independent film producers.

Over the years, Pueblo Film has built a solid reputation of competence and reliability in the business, particularly among reputable independent, Hollywood-based film producers, film trade companies, entertainment lawyers and film financing companies.

Based on thorough and lengthy experience in servicing the film and entertainment industry, Pueblo Film combines longtime expertise, in-depth processing know-how, a solid infrastructure, and a highly motivated specialized team to offer film producers, rights exploitation companies and entertainment business specialists a comprehensive portfolio of services, customized in a way to secure best profitability and optimize return on investment.


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